Strategically located in the heart of Asia, "Kuala Lumpur", MDD is the ideal provider for the vast blend of Asian communications infrastructure, languages, religions, politics and races.

Furthermore it is located directly in the city centre alongside all major international television and media operators and multi-national companies who require easy access, lowest cost, highest quality & reliability.

Facilities included:

  • Extensive C/Ku satellite downlink.
  • Satellite uplink (C-Band, DVB-S2, SD/HD and Mpeg2/H.264)Promo MDD
  • Internet and 3G near-broadcast video receive for live, store & forward turnaround.
  • Local and International Fibre & IP Bitstream connectivity with all major telcos.
  • Fast digital turn-around covering all of Asia.
  • Tape, Ingest & Video Server playout.
  • Full broadcast quality delivery over existing lower-cost IP networks.
  • Exhaustive digital form at conversion.
  • Easy Access, HD Studio, Edit and Post for live recording/uplink.
  • High Speed, Point-to-Point digital links for fast, local connectivity.
  • Multi-lingual, 24/7 operation & engineering staff for round the clock support.
  • Dedicated 24/7 Quality Control Service.
  • Crew & equipment facilitation for remote events.