MDD's IPTV / OTT deployment has been established over 6 years usage by an International Broadcasting Organisation and rigorous in house testing and research.

Organisations can leverage MDD's existing infrastructure, broadcasting, communication and experience to roll-out the highest quality IPTV / OTT service in the shortest time at the lowest cost, safe-guarding against costly incorrect or out-dated technology choices.

MDD currently have the end to end IPTV / OTT solution for rapid and reliable deployment with lower entry level cost and faster ROI.

Deploying IPTV SolutionsPromo MDD

  • MDD can assist you to design and implement IPTV / OTT successfully without going through the learning curve and trial and error using our established and proven solutions. MDD's expertise will reduce your entry level cost and your deployment time. This brings your solution faster time to market hence faster ROI.

Outsource IPTV / OTT Infrastructure

  • Organisations may leverage on MDD's existing end to end solution on an outsource basis. This will avoid any costly equipment acquisition and heavy CAPEX in the deloyment of your solution. This will allow you to focus to increase your sales rapidly.